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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Desperately Seeking More Patterns

Since starting my hat mission, I have found lots of patterns that I really like! I am noticing that I'm on Ravelry several times a week trying to find new ones because it seems like once I've made a pattern once, I'm restless and want something new. A new color, a new fiber, a new pattern. I guess I'm just not a monogamous knitter. This is probably why it takes me a year to get a pair of matching socks. Once I get through one, I want the excitement of the new color and pattern. Thus my socks almost never match, and if they do it's noteworthy.

As far as being without Facebook, I have to say I'm enjoying a less "plugged in" lifestyle. I'm still able to email and text with Emma (40 days with no Emma was no bueno. She's pretty much the reason I got so into Facebook in the first place) Emma's friendship is part of my life that I actually do need to function. We have basic needs as humans. Oxygen, food, water, and in my life Emma needs to be on that list as well or else the sarcastic wit that has become so much a part of my personality would shrivel and die and then I would be the crazy cat lady who knits all day everyday. Hey wait a second...

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