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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A change in the air

Even though I could still jinx us, I think we have seen our last snowfall in Wisconsin. I for one am thrilled. I love to see spring come. It's a sign of growth and newness, and of course it means that I can knit outside and not worry about the temperature. Can you imagine knitting while wearing mittens? It's not easy, let me tell you! And of course spring also means that these small balls of energy and momentum that I call children can finally get outside and run off some of their energy. We all sleep better after a few good hours of fresh air. And with better sleep, we are in happier moods. As for me, my mood is mostly dependent on how much I am able to knit throughout the day. I know that this blog is read by other knitters, and you will probably nod your head in agreement when I admit that I do carry "emergency knitting". Usually a sock, maybe mittens, perhaps a hat. Something small that can fit in my handbag, or the diaper bag, and I can just pull it out and work a few rows while waiting for one of the many things that we wait for in life. I know I am the only member of my family who could be shipwrecked on a deserted island and not be bored. And since I am definitely a process knitter, no matter what I was making, I could rip it out and start over and not be bothered a bit. Those of you who are not knitters might be shaking your heads wondering if there is a 12 step program or some kind of therapy to ween me off my fiber addiction, but I will just give you a warning: take my knitting away from me at your own risk. It's one of those things that only fiber lovers really understand. The way a lovestruck young woman stars longingly at the man of her dreams, knitters will stare longingly at beautiful angora or soft merino. Especially if it's on sale.
So getting back to my point, and I knew I had one....Oh yes, spring. Spring also means that rummage sale season is upon us. The mood at my parents house is always changed dramatically when this season opens. I think my dad is as excited about rummage sale season beginning as some hunters are about opening day of gun deer season. Now you might chuckle and say that's ridiculous, but you obviously have not met my father if you don't know that I am not even close to exaggerating. The man is up before anyone should be even thinking about functioning and he has a cup of coffee in one hand and a wallet full of single one dollar bills. Off he goes scouring the garages of neighbors and anyone else with the tell tale pink RUMMAGE SALE sign nailed to their mailbox. He follows balloons and signs with arrows promising lots of great items at bargain prices. My dad is a very intelligent, kind, and generous man. His generosity is never more apparent than when he enters someone's garage or driveway and scans the assortment of picnic tables, card tables, and various other displays of one persons junk to see if it's something that he or someone close to him will treasure. It seems that if you want to rid yourself of something but don't want to actually take it to Goodwill, or heaven forbid, throw it away, all you need to do is get one of those pink signs, put a price sticker for any amount less than a dollar on it and he will buy it. Not before trying to get the price just a bit lower first, but he will buy it if it's good enough. My mom is about at her wits end because he can't help himself when someone is selling a camera. If you go into my dad's office, they are hidden everywhere. In the drawers of his desk, in the filing cabinet, hidden behind photos on shelves in hopes that my mom won't find them. Yet I never see any pictures, and the few times one or two have been developed from any of the 35mm cameras he's collected, they are usually those shots of Dad looking down in to the camera, or the wall, or his foot. But he loves his bargains and it makes him happy, so shop on, Dad. He has scored some really awesome yarn and knitting supplies and notions for me over the years so I better not complain too much. However, the day the drumset came home for Julie I did have a word or two to say about that. Bottom line, if it's on a table in someone's garage and it's .50 or less, it will end up in my basement or garage. But when these things all happens it means that Spring is here. And spring is wonderful.

I was really happy to catch up on all of my DVR tv shows last night and I was absolutely thrilled to find that there was finally a new Grey's Anatomy. I was a bit nervous that it was going to be the weird Glee like kind of Grey's Anatomy again. I enjoy musicals and I enjoy medical dramas, but I never pictured them going well together, and to be quite honest, they don't go well together at all. I can't take you seriously if you are singing a song about the surgery or the situation you are in.

I'm talking with several of my knitting friends who teach and design about getting an easy pattern together for a dog sweater. I've decided that Joey must have a sweater to wear outside when it's chilly. Yes, I realize he evolved from sled dogs who lived in the Himalayas, but I knit for those whom I love, and everyone knows that I love my dog.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures. I am looking forward to June 11th and the "knit in" at the library. We are doing a "yarn storming" in La Crosse by knitting a long, scarf like piece that will start at the library on Main Street and go through down town and end at Riverside Park. Yes, we are using acrylic yarn. Finally a good use for all the yarn that people have given me with kindness and good intentions. They mean well and bless their hearts for wanting to feed my fiber habit, but sometimes it is acceptable to toss yarn. If it's been sitting in grandma's basement mixing with all the basement like smells, it's perfectly alright to toss it. In this case however, it is being put to good use!

Well I guess it's that time again. Time to kiss the kids good night, say prayers for their health and safety, and then get in front of the television with my bottle of water and watch Doogie Howser shock and amaze people by being a teenage doctor.

Happy Knitting! (Or goodnight for you non knitters.)

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