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Monday, August 18, 2014

I Knit These Socks

And are they ever a mess. I'm almost embarrassed to take the credit for their creation to be honest. The strangest thing about it is that I have knit so many pairs of socks over the last 14 years. Some have been for me, some have been for my kids, some for my friends, a pair or two for Mom. And the verdict is always the same. People love hand knit socks. They are warm. They fit your foot like a glove and feeling the warmth of hand knit socks on your feet is a reminder that you're loved. There are over 10,000 stitches in a pair of socks, and their construction is complex, so if someone has taken the time to knit socks for you, be assured that you are loved dearly.

These socks, though. The first problem is that one is way bigger than the other. You see, I was on a road trip when I wanted to start them, and I didn't have wifi, so I couldn't glance at the pattern in my Ravelry library, so I thought I would be okay just going from memory. As I was knitting the toe, I remember thinking to myself, "Well, it's a little large, but perhaps my gauge is just off. I'm sure I can fix it when I block them." I finished the first one and I was pleased...but I couldn't remember how many stitches I began with for sure...when it was time for it's mate to be created, I had wifi access, so this time I looked at the pattern. I saw quickly that I was really off on my estimate for the cast on. Once again, I figured I would just fix it when I block them upon their completion and all will be well.

The difference in size is almost comical. However, when I have slipped them on my feet, I don't feel bothered by the difference. The person I'm knitting them for is someone who is very special to me though we've had somewhat of a tumultuous friendship over the last few months. I wanted to hide the socks for a little while and pretend that they never existed because I'm particular about my knitting. I don't like gifting things that are anything less than perfect, but I had a thought as I was digging out a place in my basket to stash them where they would never be seen again. I'm not perfect. In fact, I'm far from perfect. I don't resemble perfection in anyway. I'm full of quirks and I make mistakes daily. I'm as flawed as a person can get, but all of those flaws and mistakes are stitched together with good intentions and the effort to be the best version of myself that I can be. That's still a work in progress. I still have work to do, but with those flaws and imperfections, there is a warm heart that cares and loves beyond all fault inside of me...and these socks may not be perfect, but they were made with loving care and I know that they will keep my friend warm when the weather is cold, and I hope they warm the heart as well. Imperfect though they may be...they were made to give comfort and warmth and that's a little like me, too. Maybe that's a little like all of us...imperfections stitched together with good intentions. Maybe we could all take a gentler view of each other if we thought of things this way.

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