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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darn it. I made it so I'm gonna wear it!

On Monday, it was almost 80 degrees here in good old Wisconsin (I'm still not convinced we won't be paying dearly for this gorgeous weather. I predict a blizzard in April) I was sitting outside on my swing while the children played, enjoying the lovely day and of course doing what I always do. Knitting. I have a mere 2 or 3 inches to go on the right sleeve of the infamous purple sweater. Noah asked me "How many years have you been workin' on that, Glena?" and I told him it was at least 50. It's actually only been about 4 months, but still enough is enough. It's time to wrap this baby up. (Don't bring up the Ruffle Cardigan that still has only sleeves and no body, please. That was cast on in September. Waiting for the yarn shop to get more of a specific yarn can take a little time. Get off my back!) I wanted to see how my sleeves were matching up since I wasn't being very particular in making sure I was decreasing at the exact intervals that I had on the left sleeve. I just want a comfy sweater and I figure any little flaws that will only be noticed by me will give it character. Yeah, that's it. It's not because I'm kind of lazy these days and don't have luck with my catcha counter because my 2 year old loves to hear the clicking sound it makes. So, I put the sweater on and compared the sleeves. I saw that the right sleeve was just above my wrist so I got excited. I knew it would just be a matter of time before I was ready to bind off, weave in ends, block, and wear! (yeah, right in time for summer!) I found the sweater really comfortable. Yes it was 80 degrees, but I've worked this long and hard on this thing so I don't really care. I left it on. My husband thought I looked ridiculous. When Dave came to pick up Tyler he just shook his head. When Suzie came to pick up Taylor, she didn't even have to say anything. I immediately said, "I know it's not done and I know it's hot, but I made it so I am wearing it!" She just went along with it because she knows after 6 years of friendship when I get something in my head it's there. Things like heatstroke and dehydration are no match for the desire to wear a creation when it's nearing it's completion. If I finish it and put it away through the summer months, what if I forget about it and never wear it? What if my cat makes a bed out of it and gets it all full of hair? What if there is a horrible fire that destroys my beautiful sweater and all that remains are ashes? I need to wear it now. Heatstroke be darned, it's March and we shouldstill be wearing sweaters!

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