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Friday, March 23, 2012

It Is A Day To Celebrate

The infamous purple sweater is......DONE. (Almost) I have most of the ends woven in and now I just have to block that bad boy and it's ready to wear. Yep. Just in time for summer. Fail. Oh well. It is Wisconsin and just because it's been record high temperatures for the last few weeks doesn't mean we won't get dumped on with snow tomorrow. And if we do, I am ready. I will be warm because I refused to give up. I sat outside with my 75% wool/acrylic blend in 80 degrees and feverishly knit around and around and around. Sleeves were the last to be created, but there are two and they are the same length so this sweater is not custom made for a mutant. I'm happy!
So this weekend is the first responder refresher. It had been scheduled awhile ago, moved to next month, moved back to this weekend, and I just want the weekend to go by fast. I love being a part of our group, and I love our mission, but it's always sad to give up a weekend with my kids. At least the class is right here in our town so I don't have to drive to the other side of the planet to some little podunk town with a population of 20 people. How do those towns always end up getting the refreshers? It's gotta be some kind of conspiracy by the oil companies to make people use gas. This whole thing has been such a fiasco. I was really happy when the class was moved because it freed me up to take Julie to her first communion class. Then it was moved back to this weekend so no class for this mom and daughter duo. Then her first communion service was supposed to be on Maundy Thursday but of course we have an executive board meeting and a regular meeting that night. The regular meeting isn't such a huge deal, but since I'm on the executive board I would really like to attend so I can be a part of whatever decision making needs to take place. It's so hard to be pulled in so many directions sometimes. Since our church and pastor are so wonderful, they said Julie can have her first communion any time really, I decided to go to the meetings and we are going to take her for communion next Saturday evening. That works out for everyone. Of course my husband over reacted and didn't listen to what I was saying, so he asked the president to move the whole meeting to another night so we could go to the Thursday service. I was so embarrassed. We certainly aren't the glue that holds the group together so I felt like it was asking for a lot to do that.
My phone was going absolutely crazy last night. I finally had to stop and remind myself that the worlds problems are not my problems. Sometimes people need to figure things out for themselves. My stomach was on fire and when my mom reminded me of one more thing that being in this class this weekend was going to screw up, I lost it. My stomach was on fire and I just wanted to throw up. After being needed in about a billion places at once I finally realized that being spread so thin is not easy. So I shut my phone off, went and got a Blizzard and said no to all of it for awhile. My night started to turn around when I found out that I can make any blizzard a cheesequake blizzard. Who can be unhappy when there's cheesecake pieces in your ice cream?

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