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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl Scout Drop Out

I was the worst girl scout in the whole world. I wanted so badly to earn the colorful patches to have my mom sew (okay, glue) on to my sash. I wanted to be the top cookie seller in my troop. I wanted to live by the girl scout law...whatever that means. But I was basically none of that. I would show up every other Monday night at the Community Center and try to do whatever activity we were earning a patch for. I remember sewing a puppet glove thing and pricking my finger and bleeding all over everything. I sat and cried until my mom came. Then another time, we were cooking and I burned myself (naturally) and spilled milk all over my pants. Again, I sat in my chair and cried until my mom picked me up. Another time we were doing some kind of exercise activity and all I really remember about that is that Mickey Mouse was involved, and I peed my pants. Can you guess what happened next? Yep. Cried until Mom came. Selling cookies was a nightmare. I would go around to the neighbors houses with my little brown sash depending on my overwhelming cuteness to get people to spend their fixed income dollars on the over priced cookies, and sometimes it worked. Other times old ladies complained about the price and I usually chipped in by saying "My mom buys the same cookies at Wal Mart for like a dollar." Yeah, pretty much the worst girl scout ever. Now Julie is a Brownie, and I hope and pray that she does better in her quest to live by the girl scout law than her mom did. So far I'm not reassured. They recently had a fund raiser and Julie had no interest in going to the wood shop or the fire station to peddle over priced nuts and candy and magazines. Who can blame her? If they gave away patches for being clumsy or forgetful, I would have needed 2 sashes, and I think Julie is following in my footsteps.

I could feel a headache brewing in my temples yesterday afternoon. I tried to take it easy but this morning I woke up with a full blown migraine. After showering in hopes that the heat and steam would alleviate some of the pressure and pain in my head and neck, but no dice. Thank God for husbands who are caring enough to take a half day to come home and take care of you. He took care of Daniel and let me lay in my dark, cool room and sleep. Finally at 7:30 I started to feel more like a human. Now that I have a final dose of excedrin PM in my system and Desperate Housewives on Netflix, I'm sure I will be back to my chipper self tomorrow. I always feel like days with migraines are such a waste. I got absolutely no knitting done today. I'm going to fall behind on my 40 hats in 40 days project if I get sidetracked with pesky annoyances like migraines too much more.

Since the purple sweater hasn't been touched and the Irish Hiking Scarf is just sitting pathetically in my basket giving me those "please knit a few rows" eyes, I'm going to give up for the day and call it a night. Tomorrow is a new day with 24 more hours to fill up with knitting. Though I'm settling in for the night, I have to google some solutions for Joey's (my pomeranian) breath. He jumped up on the bed today and opened his mouth over my nose and for a second I thought a yeast infection had humanized and was hovering over me. Not pleasant at all.

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