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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Embarassing your offspring: one of the hidden joys of being a parent

Someone stop me. I almost spent $18.00 on a Spandau Ballet Tee Shirt. Or don't say anything because I'm not totally convinced that I won't wander back to the site later today and order it. Anyone who has ever watched any movie staring Molly Ringwald can appreciate good 80's music. What has happened to music since then? Now we have Justin Bieber in our faces getting his ridiculously annoying songs stuck in our heads. The kid needs a hair cut. And a career change. But that's just my opinion.

Julie has turned into just as big of a music lover, if not slightly more than her mother. I'm really glad that she listens to music as often as she does, however I wish I could adjust her taste a little bit. She did enjoy Rich Girl by Hall and Oates when we were coming back from Target the other night. That made me happy. Hall and Oates is one of my very favorites. I sang along really loudly and made a big show with animated hand gestures. I was so into what I was doing that I didn't notice how she had slumped down in her seat and put her head down. Occasionally she would glance out the window, probably wanting to make sure that none of her friends saw her riding in an SUV with her 80's rock star mother. I can't recall ever feeling that way while riding with my mom anywhere. I've always kind of been the animated rock star in any vehicle though, so it's quite possible that my mom felt the way Julie felt during any of our trips to Westby when a Supremes or Neil Sedaka song came on. I say who cares? If someone sees you enjoying what is obviously great music, then maybe they will lighten up a little bit and not take life so seriously. Shake it off and have fun. Enjoy your surroundings because tomorrow is not a promise. If something happens to me tomorrow, I will know that I had fun on earth in my kitchen dancing with my wonder mop to Tears for Fears.

So on September 21st, 2011, I cast on for a pattern that is called "EZ Ruffle Coat" or something like that. Well yesterday I FINALLY finished the sleeves. I did pick up the stitches for the body but it's not quite as tidy as I would like so I may be ripping out and re doing that later. This sweater has become the bane of my existence and I tell you....if it doesn't fit or looks like crap I am going to come unglued. Or I'll just shout....shout...let it all out. Ha Ha....if you didn't get that reference then you need to go watch VH-1 for awhile!

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