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Friday, March 30, 2012

So it rained last night.....

The weather was perfect yesterday! Not too hot, not too windy, just warm enough to not need a coat. It was wonderful! So of course, I brought my Easy Ruffle Coat outside to get some length added to the body. It's taken me forever to get to this section so I've been trying to work on it as often as possible. Since I am not always the best at remembering where I leave my things, at 9:00 last night when I realized that I had left my work in progress sitting on the swing outside, an inner war began inside of me over whether to run out and get it, or just leave it out over night. I hadn't watched the weather, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't rain. My prediction that it wouldn't rain was partly made with help from my healthy fear that running outside into my dark yard would bring no good to anyone. Whenever it is dark and I have to walk through grass, I am always positive that there is a snake lurking somewhere just waiting to bite me. I could turn the outside light on so I am able to see a path to the swing where I inevitably leave everything, but then I run a risk of the neighbors seeing my I Love Lucy pajamas. From my comfy spot on the sofa, I reassured myself that it wouldn't rain, and fell asleep. I woke at 2:30 am to a soothing and familiar sound. It was RAIN! Crap. Thankfully this yarn is very forgiving and as soon as it's dry, it will be no problem to continue knitting with.
I did learn a lesson though. Just because you're afraid of snakes and therefore afraid to go outside at night in I Love Lucy pajamas does not prevent rain. It will happen and even the greatest fear of reptiles and public humiliation can't keep it away.

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