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Friday, March 9, 2012

"When I Was Your Age..." Did I REALLY just say that?

This morning Noah was telling me about his new favorite show. I was so excited when he admitted that it is Fraggle Rock. I LOVED Fraggle Rock when I was his age! (That would be 4 for those of you who didn't know). I found myself going back in time for a moment and I said something that sounded extremely familiar to the beginnings of many of my grandmother's stories when I was growing up. You know...the "When I was your age we had to take turns eating because we only had one plate." stories. I said, "Noah, when I was your age, we didn't have DVR or Netflix. If I wanted to watch Fraggle Rock, I had to get up at 5am on Saturday mornings to watch it on TV when it was actually on. I couldn't record it and watch it later. You kids sure do have it easy these days." What?! I'm only 28 years old for goodness sakes! I think I'm going to need to get myself a pair of roller blades and start behaving in a more childlike manner. Here this whole time I thought I was a big kid, but suddenly I'm telling those far fetched "when I was your age" stories? It wasn't that long ago I was their age! I used to think that Grandma's stories were way out there and totally untrue, but when I saw the looks on the faces of these children, I could tell they thought I was making up stories. Maybe Grandma really did only have one plate....poor Grandma! And poor Glena for not having a DVR when she was little and having to wake up at 5am to watch Fraggle Rock! Or I guess I should feel bad for my dad, for he was the one who had to wake up at 5am to set the VCR to tape the Fraggles so I could watch them while I had malt-o-meal around 8. So if Grandma's stories and my stories are similar then it would be reasonable to assume Grandma probably had paper plates a time or two in her childhood. Or maybe they had sloppy joes and didn't really need a plate. Just a napkin. Oh fiddlesticks, I'm going to go watch Fraggle Rock on Netflix with the kids and enjoy technology.

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