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Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it okay to knit something else just for a day?

I've made 13 hats in about 9 days. I'm ahead of my goal and I want to keep the momentum going....but I am starting to get a little tired of hats to be honest! I am going to get to 40 for sure, but I'm just going to make some swatches today and maybe work on the collar of my infamous purple sweater that I started right after Christmas. Hey, why not finish a sweater just in time for spring? It's just the way I do things I guess.

So lets see here... not being on Facebook has certainly kept me more committed to blogging each day, but truthfully my life is amazing to me, but probably kind of boring to read about. I hurt my back somehow yesterday so I've been trying to move slow and adjust my posture frequently. I did some restorative yoga poses last night and that helped but I think a massage is in my future. I have finally been sucked in to Pinterest. Amazing! I have found so many awesome recipes and DIY ideas so far, and I've been "pinning" things for others to enjoy. I really don't miss Facebook as much this week as I did last week.

I'm not good about wearing my glasses, but I noticed the other day that Stephanie Pearl McPhee and I have the same glasses, so I have been wearing them all the time and wow....I can see! I can read things that are across the room and I can read signs in stores. It's really nice! And since we have the same glasses, we are obviously best friends. So many things to feel good about! And it's Friday!

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