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Friday, March 30, 2012

No need to doubt...he is definitely my child....

The last few days have been filled with the familiar laughter and random screams of Pee Wee Herman. Anyone who has spent five seconds with me knows that I love Pee Wee Herman. But this time, it's not me watching the grey suit wearing childlike moron. It's Daniel. Julie went through a similar phase around this age. He constantly wants to watch "Pee Wee Orner." Again, this is exactly how his sister pronounced his name. I must pass down a good sense of humor gene to my children. Others don't get it, but we embrace the silliness that is Pee Wee. And we are all probably healthier  because everyone knows that laughter is good for the soul.

My mom got some horrible news yesterday. After 38 years at ATK, the plant she works in is being closed and she will be losing her job. When she called to tell me yesterday, my heart broke for her. She's not worried about the financial aspect as much as the sense of loss. When you work somewhere for 38 years, you are bound to make close friends and she has no doubt made many who she views as her family. Its kind of surreal for her to think about not driving to Brice's Prairie every day to work, but we have all agreed that some time off to relax and refresh is in order. She is so dedicated and whatever she does, she does 100%. Last night, we went and picked out some really pretty pink tulips in a pot for her to transplant into her flower gardens. I've pointed out a lot of perks. She will have more time for gardening, worshiping, being a grandma, and doing things she's always wanted to do but never had time for. She knows she has love and support around her and she will pull through it. I did but a mega millions ticket tonight...*just in case* and if I should happen to win I would definitely help my mom and dad. Not that they need financial help, but I know from being faced with job loss how hard it is to feel helpless about your livelihood.

The weather has been great this week. We've gotten a lot of things done outside, so as long as spring really is here we should be set soon.

I'm stuck on hat #20. I just can't quite get myself to finish the last 20. I think when you get in a rut like this, it's best to step back and remember that you're only one person and if you have to knit some socks or some button bands on a cardigan to keep yourself sane, there is no shame in that. You're still knitting, right? In fact, today I finally learned toe up socks. And the best part? Magic loop toe up socks! I am all over this! But I will not be able to sleep thinking of any little baby with a cold head, so I know I'll be back to whipping out the hats in no time. But for right now, my heather gray cardigan that I started in September is getting some much needed TLC.
It WILL be a day. Hopefully soon.

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