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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Greatest Knitting Fear

I decided that the infamous purple sweater has to get out of my WIP basket. Between that, the hats, and my Irish Hiking Scarf, I am getting too many WIPs piling up and it's time to get some into the pile of articles that I need to block. I picked up the good old purple sweater and to my disdain, the scrap yarn that was holding the stitches had somehow worked it's way out of the stitches. (I'm sure it had no help from a certain 2 year old) If this had happened a year ago I would have thrown myself on the floor, sobbing and gasping and shaking my fists to the sky screaming "Why, God, Why?" Some of you may think I'm exaggerating. Others who have known me for any length of time know that this is an understatement of my reaction to this kind of predicament. Today I am a more accomplished knitter. I took a deep breath, picked up my addi turbo size 9 circs and picked up each stitch carefully and soon I had them all picked up and ready to begin the final sleeve. My cat lost her dang mind chasing the yarn, but that was a minor bump in the road to having sleeves. I'm hoping to have it done sooner rather than later, but we will see. I'm determined but I'm also busy with so many other projects. Who really wants to wear a sweater in the summer time? Okay, obviously I will because of all the work I've given this one, but I'm sure I'll be cranky as I roast in the wool/acrylic blend at the swimming pool. But everyone will know I made it!

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