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Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Sleeve Left To Go!

I finished the collar on the infamous purple sweater last night! I sat and did a sewn bind off around the collar while watching The Wizard of Oz with the kids (Daniel's first time seeing it and he LOVED it! Especially the part when they first arrive at the Emerald City and the colored horses appear). As I finished the collar I was nervous, but excited. After ripping it out twice and starting over, I was anxious about if I would like the collar after knitting it for the third time, and as soon as I pulled it over my head I knew my worry was useless. I loved it! Now to get that other sleeve picked up and knit and then I'll be able to wear it. Yes, just in time for spring....but hey, it's Wisconsin. There are bound to be some chilly spring days. Especially after this warm winter. I have a feeling mother nature is not going to let us get by with so little snow.

I found a really pretty skein of self striping yarn at the bottom of my stash today, and thought it would make a really pretty prayer shawl to donate to church. I'll have to pick up a few more skeins of course, but I have one on my knitting needles already that is going to need more yarn, so I thought maybe crocheting this one would be good for something different. I went to chain for the first row and I couldn't believe it. I had almost forgotten how to crochet! Has it really been that long? I remember being pregnant with Daniel and crocheting myself into a self inflicted carpal tunnel situation. Thankfully that went away after I had him and hasn't returned (knock on wood!). I went to start chaining and I held the yarn in the sling shot method that I use for the long tail cast on, and I was dumbfounded. What do I do? This isn't right? Thankfully after a moment I remembered how to do it and chained 85 for a simple v-stitch pattern that is working up really nicely. My crochet chains are actually a lot neater than they used to be which I think is a result of all the knitting and fussing over tidiness. My tension when holding the working yarn has improved a lot and when you are pleased with the results of your knitting/crocheting, that really helps the passion you put behind it!

So this morning I was getting Daniel dressed and he looks at me with seriousness and says, "Mommy. I'm going to be a turd today." and he hit me right on my head! Then he ran away into his sister's room where his quest to be a "turd" continued. Polly Pockets went flying. Voices were raised. Tears were shed. This mom needed a calgon moment. So I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower and decided to pamper myself with some Arbonne salt scrub and to wash my hair with the yummy green apple shampoo that I've love since high school. I was enjoying my shower when I heard the door open and in the mirror I saw the little blonde head of my son, the turd. I knew my shower was about to go from cleansing and relaxing to challenging. He didn't disappoint. True to his promise, the inner turd was released and he flushed the toilet, shut off the light, and slammed the door. All this happened at the very same moment that my delicious shampoo seeped into my eyes and started to burn,so the water was scalding hot from the flushed toilet and I couldn't rinse my eyes until it cooled down, and it was pitch black in the bathroom. Ah the joys of motherhood.

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